This momma is a hero...

This momma is a hero...

This month we will be sharing the stories of these amazing survivors as well as collecting donations. 100% off all donations received will go to an organization called Mobile Onsite Mammography (MOM). This organization provides mammograms to women. The donations collected will provide mammograms to those who may otherwise not be able to afford the mammogram that they need. You can make a donation by visiting our website and selecting DONATE from the drop down menu. These survivors were lucky to have receive their diagnoses early on and receive treatment... early detection is so important and that is why we are supporting this campaign and asking for your support too!

We met Roxanne about 2 weeks ago when we asked her to be a part of our Breast Cancer awareness event. Roxanne is a breast cancer survivor and an inspiring uplifting woman. She was so sweet and just a positive light. We are so honored to team up with this strong mother and share her story with all of you! 

We want to share Roxanne's story with you all. 




Nikki Nixon

I remember this time, but never knew your story start to finish! You’re amazing!!!! ❤️❤️

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